Weekend Stock Market Outlook

Stock Market Outlook For The Week of
April 2nd = Uptrend


20/50 Day Moving Averages: Mixed
Price & Volume Action: Mixed
Objective Elliott Wave Analysis: Uptrend


U.S. markets staged a mild recovery last week, but their advance wasn't enough to change the market outlook.

The indexes found support and bounced off their 50 day moving averages.  The Nasdaq managed to recover its 20-day moving average, while the S&P500 and NYSE closed ~1 and 2 points below their respective 20 day moving averages.  The moving average outlook remains mixed by the smallest of margins.

2017-04-02-US Stock Market Averages

2017-04-02-US Stock Market Averages

Price and volume action muddled through last week; high volume selling remains elevated over the past month, reminding investors to err on the side of caution.

OEW uptrend signal remains in place.  With the uptrend recovery, the expectation is one more set of new highs before the next downtrend.  That said, be on the lookout for market weakness; derailing a "recovery" doesn't take much selling activity.

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For the detailed Elliott Wave Analysis, go to the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on by Tony Caldaro.  Charts provided courtesy of stockcharts.com.