Weekend Stock Market Outlook

Stock Market Outlook For The Week of
November 20th = Uptrend


20/50/200 Day Moving Averages: Uptrend
Price & Volume Action: Uptrend
Objective Elliott Wave Analysis: Uptrend


US stocks continued to rally last week, although not as strongly as the election week.

The Nasdaq joined the other major indexes above their respective 20/50/200 day moving averages. Given how quickly market prices rose over the past two weeks, some sideways action (consolidation) is likely in the short term.

2016-11-20-US Stock Market Averages

2016-11-20-US Stock Market Averages

The number of distribution days remains elevated, but the situation is improving. Over the next week, 3 distribution days will fall off the count for the Nasdaq, NYSE, and S&P500.

The Dow did show stalling action on Friday, with small price movement on high volume, a larger than average spread between the day's high and low, and a closing price towards the low.

OEW's medium term uptrend is expected to remain in place until January.

For the detailed Elliott Wave Analysis, go to the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on by Tony Caldaro. Charts provided courtesy of StockCharts.com.